How can I send a custom installer?

Creating a custom installer link allows you to add multiple computers to your account with one single link, making it easy for you to add more computers.

Step 1

First, from the 'My Computers' page, click the 'Add Endpoints' button to start the process.

Step 2

Decide if you want to customize the installer and choose how many times the installer can be used, and how long you would like the installer to work for. If you would like to change the settings, Click 'Advanced Options' and change the settings appropriately.

Step 3

You can either download the installer straight to your computer or create a link for distribution. This link can be emailed and will allow the recipient to download your custom installer and connect their computer to your account.

Step 4

Once generated, you can copy the link and send it easily to any computer that you wish to manage.


Step 5

That's it, you're done. Anyone that clicks and downloads your custom installer will be linked to your account. This will work until it reaches the maximum number of uses or it expires.

If you need to add more computers you can just come back and create another link.

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