Using Defraggler

You can use CCleaner Cloud's Defraggler to defragment individual files as well as your entire hard drive - something our competitors simply can't do. For endpoints equipped with SSDs (solid state drives), Defraggler can optimize the drive to ensure it maintains peak performance. 

Follow these steps to defragment:

  1. Select the computer from the My Computers page, then select the Tools tab at the top of the interface.

  2. You will be presented with a list of drives on this computer – select the drive you wish to defragment using the check box on the left, then click Analyze.

    CCleaner Cloud will analyze this disk and tell you how fragmented it is, as well as producing a drive map showing where the fragmented files are.


  3. To show information about all the fragmented files CCleaner Cloud found, just click Show Files. Otherwise, you can click Defrag and CCleaner Cloud will defragment your files from the cloud!

Find some more advanced steps here!

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