How can I invite other Admins to my account?

You can invite your team members to your CCleaner Cloud account as Admins. They will have full access to manage computers on the account.


In Account Settings > Team Details you will now see this new page:



How do I invite a new user?

  1. Simply enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and click "INVITE NEW USER".


  2. They will receive the invitation email:


  3. Once they have followed the link to create their account, they will be able to define their Name and Password:


  4. Once complete, they will be able to access your CCleaner Cloud account.


Coming Soon

  • Ability to re-invite users who have not received their invitation
  • Ability to delete users

We will be working hard to improve this new feature. Please provide us feedback on the current progress, and also submit new ideas:



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