CCleaner new product certificate and how it affects CCleaner Cloud

As a global software company, we rigorously monitor and test our systems, and cooperate with local, regional, and international agencies to actively track and verify malicious behavior. Through this monitoring, it came to our attention recently that cybercriminals may have been planning to target CCleaner.

At CCleaner, we have a zero-tolerance policy against cybercrime. Although we found no indications that any users were affected, our users’ security is of utmost importance to us so we took immediate action to proactively revoke the prior product certificate and issue a new one. The signing keys, which let users verify valid software, were also revoked and re-issued. 

Having taken these precautions, we are confident to say that our users are protected and unaffected. You can read more about what we did and why in our blog or the Avast blog.

How have these precautionary actions impacted CCleaner Cloud?

Your CCleaner Cloud account is safe to use and you can continue to use it as normal. However, the reissuing of a new product certificate means that you are currently not able to add new endpoints to your account. We apologize for this but hope you can understand that your security is our priority.

What's next?

We’re currently carrying out a little development work to get things back to normal again. We kindly ask for your patience on this and will update you on our progress as soon as we are able to.

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