Profiles Screen Guide

Profiles allow you to centrally manage custom settings which can be applied to your groups and endpoints. This allows you to automate CCleaner and Defraggler to best suit your needs.

Set up Profiles

You can access the Profiles configuration screen by clicking on "Profiles" on the top right of the My Computers page.

The Profiles screen is split into 2 sections. The left-hand side displays a list of current profiles on your account.


System Default – This profile is set up with CCleaner Cloud's standard cleaning rules and cannot be edited.

Individual – Computers with no assigned profile will be shown here.

Your Custom Profiles – Any custom profiles you have created will appear here.

To create a new custom profile, select “Add New”

The right-hand side shows the configuration options available for each profile.


Preferences – Here you can set up your custom cleaning, scheduling and event settings.

Groups & Endpoints – Here you can see what groups or endpoints have been assigned the profile.


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