Assigning Profiles to Endpoints or Groups

There are 2 options for you to use to assign a settings profile to a group or endpoint.

Within the Profiles configuration page

  1. Select the “Groups & Endpoints” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add Groups & Endpoints” button.
  3. Enter the name(s) of the groups or specific endpoints which you want to assign this profile to.
  4. If you are adding a group, you will be asked if you wish that any child groups or endpoints will inherit this profile – Uncheck the box if you do not wish this to happen.
  5. Click “Add”.
  6. Your selected groups/endpoints will now be shown.



Using the My Computers page

  1. Using the checkboxes, select the groups or endpoints that you wish to assign your new profile to. They will appear on the right-hand side.
  2. Click “More Actions” and select “Assign a Profile”.
  3. Select your desired profile from the drop-down in the pop-up box.
  4. Click “Assign”.
  5. The selected endpoints will now use the profile chosen.





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