PayPal payment issues in IE9

*Please note IE9 is no longer supported by CCleaner Cloud*

When using Internet Explorer 9, some users may experience problems when attempting to pay via PayPal where the payment pop-up box fails to load. We have identified that the cause of this problem is due to Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9). To get round this issue, we recommend the following:

• Use a more recent version of Internet Explorer
• Use another newer browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge

If it is not possible to use a more up-to-date browser, you can instead change the compatibility settings in IE9. To do this please:

1. Click “Tools” on the toolbar
2. Click “Compatibility View settings”
3. Uncheck the “Include updated website lists from Microsoft” box

The PayPal pop-up should now display correctly when completing a payment. 

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