Managing auto-starting programs

When you install a program, often it will set itself up so that it starts every time you start Windows.

This can be a real pain, because having a lot of programs start that way means it takes longer for Windows to start and the memory used can slow down your PC.

Not every program has to start automatically. You may decide to let some do so - like messenger programs. For the others, CCleaner Cloud gives you a way to stop them in their tracks.

To control which programs start with Windows:

  1. In Software, click the Startup section on the left.
  2. In the Startup screen, you'll see a list of all items that have been set to start automatically with Windows. You can also use the tabs to switch between web browser startup items, scheduled tasks and other options.
  3.  Click the menu option (three dots) to do one of the following actions:
    • To prevent a program from starting with Windows, click Disable.
    • To prevent a program from starting with Windows and to remove it from the auto-start list, click Delete.
    • To allow a program to start with Windows, click Enable.




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