What is Defraggler and what can it do?

Defraggler lets you Defrag hard drives on your system and has several unique features that Windows nor third-party software can't beat.

It is a quick and safe way to speed up your PC. It speeds up your computer by placing all the parts of a file on the same section of the hard drive. So when Windows goes to access that file, it only has to look in one area.

What it can and cant do

Defraggler has many abilities, but it can't do everything. Here's a list of what it can and can't do.

Defraggler can:

  • Clean up your hard drive by defragging it
  • Defrag an entire drive or one or more individual files
  • Defragment the freespace on your drive by gathering all the free areas into a single large freespace
  • Speed up your PC by placing pieces of files together
  • Optimize SSD drives for peak performance.

Defraggler can't:

  • Defraggler can't defragment multiple drives at once.



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