Why does it skip cleaning my browser?

In order for CCleaner Cloud to clean your browser, it must be closed at the time of the clean. If it is open, it will show as being "Skipped".

If you are using CCleaner Cloud from a browser on that machine, you can still clean the browser using the following 2 options:


Option 1: Use the CCleaner Cloud "Quick Action"

If you are currently using the machine in question, it is possible to run CCleaner straight from your desktop. To do this:

  1. Right-click on the CCleaner Cloud tray icon
  2. Choose Run CCleaner

Note: Quick actions need to be enabled on the computer. Find out more here.


Option 2: Set a Schedule

It is possible for you to set CCleaner Cloud to clean browsing data via a schedule. You can set CCleaner Cloud to run a clean at computer Startup.

To set this:

  1. Open CCleaner Cloud > [Computer Name]
  2. Options > Scheduling > Enable scheduled cleaning
  3. Select "At startup"



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