What encryption techniques does CCleaner Cloud use?


Data encryption

It goes without saying that all information within CCleaner Cloud is encrypted before being sent over the Internet.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud platform on which CCleaner Cloud runs. You can find out more about AWS security here. The data center used for the platform is located in North Virginia, USA. 

In addition we use advanced techniques that mean your data is never seen by anyone that is not fully authorized by Piriform.

We use the following industry standards:

  • TLS 1.2 for communications
  • Encryption using AES_128_GCM
  • SHA256 algorithm for message authentication
  • ECDHE_RSA with P-256 as the key exchange mechanism
  • RSA Public key (2048 bits)
  • All comms are sent using TCP/IP 443

Data transfer

No files themselves are collected from endpoints during CCleaner Cloud's operations. The CCleaner Cloud agent - a small program that is installed on the endpoints that you elect to manage - performs these operations internally. File names, sizes, file paths, and cookie domains will be transmitted as part of some of these operations, but this can be prevented by enabling Summary mode on your endpoints. This prevents all but summarized information from being transmitted from an endpoint. You can find out more information about Summary mode here


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