Quick Start 3 - Using CCleaner

Now that your computer has been added and initialized, you can start performing tasks from the cloud!

  1. Click on your computer in the My Computers screen then click the CCleaner tab.Computer_new.pngYou’ll see a screen similar in layout to the Desktop version of CCleaner, with many of the same features.CCleaner_window.png

  2. You can configure the items you wish CCleaner Cloud to clean using the 'Windows' and 'Applications' tabs. Once you’ve finished, click Analyze and CCleaner Cloud will scan the computer to see what files can be cleaned.

  3. If you’re happy with the Analysis results and want CCleaner Cloud to delete these files, simply click Run Cleaner. Otherwise, you can change the selected items then run another Analysis using the Analyze button.

  4. By default, CCleaner Cloud will delete all the cookies from your computer. To find out more, click here!

Step 3 - Checking Windows Updates


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