Why is my computer showing as offline when it’s actually online?

A computer will show as “Offline” when the CCleaner Cloud Service on the computer can’t connect to the CCleaner Cloud servers. There are 2 reasons why this could be happening:

Reason 1 - The CCleaner Cloud service is not running on the computer. To resolve this:

  1. Click the Start button, then in the search box type in CCleaner Cloud . Click the result that appears.
  2. Right-click on the CCleaner Cloud icon in the Windows Task Bar (normally bottom right of the screen) and click “Preferences” then click the “Debug” tab.
  3. Under “Service”, if the status is “Stopped” then simply click the “Start” button. If it says “Running”, then restart the service by clicking “Stop” then “Start”.
  4. Your computer should shortly be shown as “Online” and you will be able to use CCleaner Cloud.


Reason 2 - The CCleaner Cloud Service is being blocked from connecting to the CCleaner Cloud Servers.

This could be caused by a Firewall blocking the data, by your Anti-Virus blocking the CCleaner Cloud Service or if you are running through a Proxy Service to connect to the internet.

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