Is the Agent slowing my computer down?

The CCleaner Cloud Agent has been written and tested to run on your systems with a very small footprint. Almost all endpoints will be able to run the Agent with zero impact on other tasks. 

There are some scenarios where this might not be the case - if you think the Agent is slowing down your computers for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help you to resolve the issue. 

Some AntiVirus software with real-time protection enabled may, in rare cases, cause the Agent to perform slowly. This is because the AntiVirus is actively scanning the logs that CCleaner Cloud generates, using additional system resources in the process.

One solution to this is to decrease the default logging level on the affected endpoint. To do this, on the affected endpoint go to the CCleaner Cloud Agent tray icon, right click, and select 'Preferences'. Then go to the 'Debug' tab, and reduce the logging level by dragging the slider to the left. 

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