How can I manage groups of endpoints on my account?

Our grouping layout allows users to: 

  • Nest of groups
  • Selection of groups

This makes it much easier to perform actions on your groups and can more accurately reflect the structure of your organization's endpoints.

Adding groups

To Add a new group simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the My Computers section here!
  2. Login - confirming your account email address and password
  3. Click on the Add Group button
  4. Enter a Group Name in the popup box
  5. Select a Parent if you would like the group to be nested
  6. Click Create Group.

Deleting groups

To delete a group, use the context selector (three dots) and select 'Delete'. Please note, all of the endpoints in this group will be moved to your default group which sits at the top of your group list. To delete all of the endpoints within a group, see these instructions.

Moving endpoints and groups

To move an endpoint or a group, use the context selector (three dots) and select 'Move'.

Then use the following pop up to select a new 'Parent' for the endpoint or group you are trying to move. All endpoints and subgroups in that group will also be moved.

Performing actions

Use the checkbox selector to select an entire group. The endpoints in this group (and all of it's subgroups) will be selected and will appear in the actions panel on the right hand side. Then you can click 'Clean' to clean all of the online computers at once, or click 'More Actions' to install software, move or delete the endpoints.


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